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Connections: Mentorship Circle

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of

other successful women, who have her back.”


Connections: Mentorship Circle was founded by Finley & Associates Ltd. for a simple purpose: empower and support women in a positive environment through discussion, mentorship, and skills-building.


Board Governance 101: The Case of the Calgary French & International School

September 9, 2017
5:00 PM – 9:30 PM

From 1999 to 2004, Donna Finley was President & CEO for each of the three volunteer Boards of Calgary French & International School.




Who’s Your Muse? Connecting Through Music

April 2017


Donna Bennett & Brian Finley, recent recipients of the Order of Canada, performed and taught us how to appreciate classical music. Their emotional session left many of us in tears.


Women & Politics

February 2017


Nirmala Naidoo, an award winning journalist (Global News, CBC, NBC etc.) shared with us her inspiring story of being a woman in politics, what today’s political landscape is like and how we can get involved in politics.


Governance 101: Board Basics Part 2

November 2016


Featured a panel that discussed their direct and relevant Board experiences through personal stories.


Governance 101: Board Basics Part 1

September 2016


Dr. Donna Finley, SSHRC Doctoral Fellow and founder + senior strategist at Finley & Associates.


Lessons from the Heart: On Leading & Learning

June 2016


Dr. Gayla Rogers, former Dean of the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary.


Forward Into The Fire: Honing Your Instincts With Intuition

April 2016


Brenda Finley, an award winning journalist with 30+ years of experience at numerous Canadian radio & television networks (CBC News , CTV News, Global News).


start-quoteComing out of a pretty intense academic environment surrounded by people with similar backgrounds, it was refreshing for me to hear perspectives from the corporate and political world. It’s not something I’m used to. For me, I grew up in such a small town, that I don’t have any role models in professional roles, never mind female role models. So it was an incredible experience for me that I’m not sure I would have had the opportunity to be a part of any way else.”

– Kala Ortwein, University of Calgary Master’s Student & Connections Mentee

start-quoteHaving accelerated quicker than I expected in my career, I understand and appreciate the significant role that mentorship plays in your personal and professional development. I joined Connections with hopes of meeting Mentors outside of my work environment for an objective sounding board as I continue to build my career. What I received when I joined Connections, though, was more than adding Mentors to my network – meeting fellow Mentees has been just as rewarding. I truly value the camaraderie we have all formed, the incredible, intelligent fellow Mentees I have the honour of being connected with, and I look forward to continuing my journey with Connections as a resource. Here’s to, well, building more Connections!”

– Karen Nguyen, Director of Marketing at McLean Partners & Connections Mentee

start-quoteMy initial draw to Connections was being able to provide guidance to Mentees.  I love being able to help talented, bright young women.  In addition to meeting and being able to support Mentees, I find the content of Connections inspiring and thought provoking so I also learn each time I attend.”

– Pat Pohlen, Director of HR at Alberta Health Services & Connections Mentor

start-quoteConnections is an incredible initiative and a great way to empower young female professionals. Kudos to Finley & Associates for putting it together.”

– Whitney Smithers, Director at the City of Calgary & Connections Mentor