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None is too Many:
The Global Cycle
of Resurgent anti-Semitism


“In 1939, a Canadian Immigration agent was asked how many Jews would be allowed into Canada, to which he replied, “None is too many”.”


February’s Session was led by Beth O’Connor and featured a in-depth conversation on the evolution of anti-Semitism over the past 2,000 years led by Rabbi Joshua. We want to give a special thanks to Beth Tzedec Synagogue for allowing us to hold our session in their space. For most of the women in our group, this was their first time inside a Synangogue! An important part of Connections is learning in a safe environment… and this Session featured three brave women who created the Agenda, Workbook Questions, and facilitated the afternoon. Please join us in congratulating these fearless females: Beth O’Connor, Sarah Jane, and Janine DM. Special thanks to our volunteer Iza Bela!



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